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Publication Shoutout: Phantoms From the Sky

The stars beckon. Cosmic discoveries await. The truth is closer than you think.

I'm super excited to share that my short story, "The Artemis Survey," will appear in the upcoming Phantoms From the Sky anthology from Rogue Owl Press! The anthology will be funded through Kickstarter and launches on March 27th!

The Artemis Survey

"The Artemis Survey" is a short story about the ISV Buchanan, a generation ship that left Earth nearly 100 years ago, and is in search of a habitable planet to colonize. Upon reaching their destination, the responsibility of determining if the planet is habitable falls to three crew members who have a brief window of time to explore and report back. As they investigate the planet, the survey team discovers the planet is filled with dangers and human's aren't the only form of life here. As the mission becomes increasingly dangerous and crew member's ulterior motives come to light, will the Buchanan settle on this strange alien world or move on to the next start system - so far away that none of the crew members will live to see it?

Phantoms From the Sky

The truth is closer than you think. Brace yourself for a collection of short fiction that will challenge your perceptions and leave you questioning the boundaries of our reality. In these fourteen tales from acclaimed and emerging authors, the veil between Earth and the cosmos is lifted through awe-inspiring visitations by enigmatic beings from beyond. 

From the heart-pounding excitement of close encounters with unidentified flying objects to contemplative reflections on humanity's place in the universe, these stories will transport you to uncharted realms where the ordinary communes with the extraordinary. Phantoms from the Sky showcases a diverse array of voices, each contributing a unique and riveting account of extraterrestrial contact. Journey along as characters grapple with the unknown, witness the wonder of cosmic exploration, and confront profound questions about humanity’s past and future. 

Whether you're a seasoned science fiction enthusiast or a newcomer to the genre, this collection promises an unforgettable literary odyssey. With each turn of the page, you'll feel the inexorable pull of the stars, experience the thrill of discovery, and face the terror of the unexplained.


Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform where backers help to bring a unique creative project into the world. In return, campaign backers receive unique, exclusive rewards at the various funding levels.

The Phantoms From the Sky Kickstarter campaign is a one-time opportunity to support publication of the latest anthology from Rogue Owl Press. Backers may choose from a number of special rewards, such as a deluxe first-edition hardcover with a specially designed dust jacket. Backers may also choose a paperback or ebook version, and book bundles featuring multiple fiction anthologies will also be available.

Be sure to go to the Kickstarter project page and click on the "Notify Me on Launch" button so you don't miss out!

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